Dankers high quality projects

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For us, the level of quality arises from the belief that products and processes must be subject to careful and accurate analysis, and then to the planning on which this is based. The quality of a product should no longer be a coincidental outcome, but something that is a consequence of controlling the process.


Quality management and integral quality assurance essentially means: delivering what the customer has asked for, with minimal variation. Thus an organisation that succeeds best in this meets the customer’s wishes the most. The recurring danger is to make compromises where costs are saved without considering the quality. This leads to short-term profits, but over time it will cause so many problems that it will hamper progress to such an extent that the business operations will be compromised. So ultimately, it is important to control and manage quality to a high degree. We want to distinguish ourselves by offering quality, and we are prepared to invest in it. For now and for later.


It has mainly been making our processes, services and products testable and measurable which has given more transparency to the construction quality of our projects, while also being apparent to third parties in the form of certifications. Of course, as a professional construction company we want to offer our clients and end users the best in terms of quality. It is extremely important to us to keep abreast of the latest developments and requirements in our field of expertise. We are affiliated with Bouwend Nederland, by far the largest organisation in the construction industry.


Controlling quality is to a large extent our operational staff’s responsibility. Regardless of their position, they must hold the right qualifications, and must work in accordance with the predetermined procedures.